Karting: 60MPH racing an inch off the ground.

Karting is racing neck and neck at high speeds, and barely off the ground! That's the type of motorsport it is, and that's why it's more exciting than you think.

Kart Racing is:

Checkered Flag

  • Fast
  • The most affordable type of motorsport
  • Something anybody can do.

Karts are raced all over the world, and if your in a fairly populated area, it's probably within a few hours drive to get to a track.

Champ Kart
What Type of Kart is this?

When I first got into racing I thought the type of kart I raced was the only type out there. As I came to learn over the years, there is many different types of racing karts.

People may think that it's goofy or funny to race go karts, but with most kart engines they are fast and have very high power-weight ratios. They can compete with cars on some tracks. It's quite exhilarating..and a little risky at times. Karting is very strict usually with their safety and what kart gear is required to be worn.

Quick Explanation of a Kart:

You got a kart chassis, with four kart tires. That and the engine are the main three components. Of course there are plenty of other kart parts to sort through, but if you read enough of this site, you will know all about them and be an expert.(If you aren't already)

I have raced karts since I was 14 and I always had a great time doing it. It's a sport that is gaining in popularity and really is fun all around.

Whether you've never experienced karting or you are pro at it, this site will have something you can learn.

Kart Racing Online's Table of Contents

Karts for Sale
You have to start somewhere, here you will read tips on buying karts.

Kart Chassis
Learn about the different types of chassis you will see in Karting

Kart Tires
Everything you need to know about kart tires and the companies who make the tires.

Karting Equipment
Want to see all the types of fancy equipment used in karting?

Kart Engines
You have to stay safe while racing. Find out what is needed and required.

Kart Gear
Here you will learn about the many different types of racing karts.

Kart Parts
Want to know all the parts of a racing kart?

Types of Racing Karts
Here you will learn about the many different types of racing karts.