Kart Parts

There are numerous kart parts that make up the race kart. From the rear to the front kart bumper and everything in between.

The biggest part on the racing kart is the kart body. Depending on what type of kart it is, it can either have a full body or a partial body.

Kart Steering Wheel
A Kart Steering Wheel

Starting from the front of a kart, you got the front bumper, and then the kart pedals. There will be a gas pedal, brake pedal and a clutch pedal if it is a shifter kart.

Right inside each front wheel you got the kart spindle. Connecting the kart spindle to the to the steering shaft are the kart tie rods.

Going to the center of the kart you have the kart steering wheel. Typically placed on the steering wheel is a tachometer, the most popular being a Mychron. Then right behind that is the kart seat, and the side bumpers on the left and right. Underneath the seat and steering wheel is the floor pan, usually covering most of the bottom of the kart.

On the right side of the seat is the engine(both sides if its a twin engine kart). This is mounted to the kart frame with a kart engine mount. Attached to the inside of the engine is the kart clutch.

Behind the seat you will find the kart axle. There are a few things attached to the axle:

  • The Rear Wheels(on the outside)
  • Kart Hubs(holding axle to frame)
  • Kart Brakes(either on rear or front if front brakes)
  • Kart Sprocket(directly behind engine clutch)

Other Kart Parts:

Kart Weights are usually lead weight blocks attached to wherever there is room on the kart. This is to acheive the minimum weight needed to race.

Some karts need a fuel tank in the middle of the kart, it usually sits between the drivers legs.

At the very end of the kart is the rear bumper. There are more little things that are on karts. I use to have a small doll strapped to the back of my seat!