Burris Tires

Burris tires have been around in karting since 1976. Hailing from California, it didn't take them long to make their present known in kart racing.

They have a pretty big presence in America now with their tires for Dirt and Asphalt ovals in North America.

An asphalt Burris Tire

Burris Tires
Burris Tire

Burris sells slick tires of varying softness that are ran on asphalt and dirt. They also sell treaded tires that are run mainly on dirt.

Performance of Burris Tires

Burris is successful most places it is raced. They claim their tires can heat cycle multiple times without degrading in performance. Racers are always looking for a way to cut costs and still get good performance on the track.

Their sprint track tires

Burris also offers sprint track tires as well, but these aren't not as mainstream as their speedway tires.

Track and Series Tire programs

A good thing Burris offers in racing is offer rewards for tracks and race series in karting that run only Burris tires. These rewards vary from cash prizes to free items, usually at banquets for the series and tracks.

Some may argue that having only one tire cuts down in competitiveness, but most appreciate the rewards they get for it.

For those that appreciate things made in the USA, Burris claims to make all their products there. They also subcontract out to smaller places to make things for them to specs, then inspect and approve it all before sending it out to dealers.