The Comer Engine

The Comer Engine is a 50cc or 80cc engine depending on where you race and the age class.

Who runs it?

The 50cc is ran with kids ages 4 to 7. The 80cc is for kids age 8-12. The 50cc is a small motor with a little power that helps introduce small kids into karting.

The Fluids

Since this is a 2 cycle engine, it runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil.

What it looks like

The Comers are little red engines with white fuel tanks, and they resemble (and sound like) weedwackers.

Organizations that they race in

The WKA (World Karting Association) and IKF (International Karting Federation) both have classes for Comers. The class is called kid karts in WKA and cadets in IKF.

Comer 50cc

The Comer 50cc is 1.8 horsepower stock and is the true beginner class. The engine is easy to maintain and very reliable.

Comer 80cc

The Comer 80cc is a little different, notably it's bigger. It doesn't have the white fuel tank like the little 50cc. It is for the Junior-1 2 cycle class in IKF.

It has a tillotson carburator and centrifugal clutch. It is started by a remote start or by recoil.

These are good little motors for the little kids to run. I always thought the little kids looked cute racing out there, but a lot of parents are pretty serious about them!