A CRG Kart - One of the Best in Sprint Racing

Only around since the 80's the CRG Kart still has made a very large impact in a short amount of time.

A Little History

CRG Logo

In the 1980s a kart company called KaliKart was around. When C.R.G. started out they had help with promoting from them. In the 1990s it changed from just a craft to an industrial manufacturer, and since then it has been producing high quality karts for sprint racing around the world.

What do they build?

All CRG chassis and parts are for sprint track karting, all over the world. They are straight chassis designed to turn left and right.

Kid Karts:

They offer a variety of kid kart packages, from the "Smurf" to the Mini Max.

These vary for kids from age six to early teens.

Sprint Karts and Homologation:

They offer lots of karts for this racing. All for different organizational racing and different engine packages. Most organizations that have homologation rules will have a CRG Chassis that is available for it.

These include the CSAI and CIK and FIA homologations.

Rental Karts

They offer rental karts for indoor kart racing. They have a couple of these, and they all have the full bumper plate around them for added protection for renting amateurs.

Econo Hobby Karts

They make a couple karts that are a little cheaper on the scale for the amateur or pro hobbyist. These do not work for any homologation in the top organizations.

If your looking into getting into the world championships for CIK/FIA and other large organizations, you will want to have a CRG Chassis. They are still running strong in 2009.