Karting would be tough without a Kart Stand

What is a kart stand? Well if you race you already know, and if you are new, you probably have already figured it out. It simply holds the kart up off the ground, making pretty much anything you have to do to your kart a lot easier.

A simple stand

A Fold Up Kart Stand
A Fold Up Kart Stand

This is the most simple of stands. This will work well and last a long time. It is also the most affordable one to buy. It folds up and is easy to store. The obvious downside is that it doesn't roll. Which leads us to our next type of stand...

The Rolling Kart Stand

A stand with wheels. These are very nice if you have a kart trailer to haul your karting operation in. You can't fold these up so you have to have room to take them to the track, and a truck alone might not provide enough room.

What to look for in these is how easy it rolls. You will have a 200lb kart or so on this and you want it to be sturdy and able to roll easily over stuff like gravel, dirt and grass. Not many karting tracks have paved pits. Some of these come with a pan at the bottom as well, which is nice for putting stuff you need close by underneath the kart.

Stands that do the work for you - Electric/One Man Stands

These are a real treat. Lifting a kart onto a stand isn't the most fun part of racing, but these types of stands will help you avoid this.

First, the one man stand where you still have to do some work. Usually this involves some cranking or lifting with leverage, but basically it hooks to the back bumper and you lift the back up then get the front bar underneath the middle of the kart to complete the lift.

The electric kart stand does the same thing but with just pushing a button. Either one is pretty nice, with the electric one doing more work for you.

Stands for more than one Kart

A double stand holds two karts by stacking them. You put the first kart on, than add the level for the second kart. This is nice for storing in the garage to get extra space, or moving two karts at once. There are three level stands as well.

Vertical Stand

A vertical stand will hold a kart vertically for storage purposes or display purposes. These are not mobile and are just for storage in the garage mostly.

Some Popular Stand Manufacturers

  • Streeter
  • Enginetics Brakes
  • RLV
  • Hitch Hiker
  • Kart Lift

Don't want to buy a stand? You can always build your own.