Margay Karts - Racing since 1964

Margay Karts have been around a while. They offer mostly sprint karts and enduro karts. The company is named after the small agile cat that resembles a small jaguar.

Their logo is the word Margay with a cheetah.

Margay chassis have a pretty large presence in sprint kart racing in the US. It's one of the most popular builders of kart chassis in North America.

They offer four types of chassis. All the Margay chassis below come with their standard package, which includes wheels, 5" Bridgestone Tires, and CIK-Style bodywork. The exceptions are the Wildcat chassis, and the Enduro chassis which come without bodywork.

Kid Karts:

  • Margay Wildcat
  • Margay Brava Cadet

These two karts are for the ages 5-8 and 8-12 group. The Wildcat is designed for the Comer motor. The Brava Cadet can be used with a Briggs or Yamaha engine.

Sprint Karts:

  • Margay Brava 1.4
  • Margay Brava 4.4

These two are their most popular karts. These are intended for juniors age 12-15 and adults. The Brava 1.4 is intended for use with the Yamaha engine. The Brava 4.4 can be used for both Briggs and Yamaha engines.

Shifter Karts:

  • Margay Brava 80
  • Margay Brava 125

These are their shifter kart chassis. The Brava 80 is intended for 80cc shifter kart engines. The Brava 125 is for 125cc shifter kart engines.

Enduro Karts

  • Margay Brava SE 2
  • Margay Brava SE 4
  • Margay Cheetah Enduro

The Brava SE 2 and 4 are for Enduro Sprint races. They can both use either Briggs or Yamaha engines.

The Cheetah Enduro is for Endurance Karting and is usually used with a Yamaha engine.

Margay chassis may change the names and build new karts very often. Most kart hassis builders do. But their quality in karting will always be the same.