Maxxis Kart Tires

Maxxis kart tires are popular on dirt karts. They perform well there and have a strong presence in dirt racing.

The Maxxis Logo

Maxxis Kart Tire
A Maxxis Tire Mounted

This is the HT3 tire on a 6 inch wheel. It's one of the most popular and fastest tires for dirt. It's hardness with excellent grip makes it very fast on hard dirt tracks with lots of grip.

Their other speedway tires:

The HT3 and HT4 tires are their most popular tires on dirt speedway ovals in America. The HT4 is softer and meant for tracks that are damp, and don't have as much grip. Most dirt tracks for karts though end up hard and with lots of grip, so the HT3 is usually the way to go.

Other Maxxis 6 inch tires:

  • Maxxis Raptor - Used for indoor kart racing
  • HG1
  • HG3
  • EL - A very long lasting tire

Maxxis 5 inch tyre line for sprint karting

These are mostly used for sprint karts (road courses) and are popular in Europe, where they spell tire as "tyre".

Their Rental and Indoor Tyres
  • Raptor
  • Enduro
  • HG1

These tyres are some of the softest they offer, and are mainly used for indoor karting or rental concession karts.

Their National Level Tyres
  • Rookie Yellow
  • Rookie Red
  • HG1
  • HG2
  • HG3
  • WT4

The rookie tyres are soft and the HG tires are middle of the road in compound. The WT4 is a rain tire and is grooved.

Their FIA/CKA Homologation tyres
  • MH
  • MM
  • MS
  • M6
  • WT8
  • W6

The MH is the softest of the M series, but is still harder than all the other types of tyres but this one. The M6 is the hardest. The two W tires are for rain and are grooved.

Your probably wondering what homologation is if you haven't read it on another page on this site. This is a way to keep costs down for the racers by enforcing the racers in the organization to use the homologated tyres.