Phantom Karts

Phantom Karts first started being built for karting in 1989.

What do they build?

All Phantom chassis are for oval racing. They are big on the karting scene in the eastern United States, especially in the southeast. They build open chassis as well as caged chassis.

Kart Names

They usually keep in the same theme for naming their karts, some examples are Banshee, Nemesis, and Icon.


Phantom Chassis are always up front in all big races in America on ovals. It is one of the biggest brand names in American Karting. If you want to go with a winner you can definitely not blame failure on these chassis.

Phantom Trade In Program

Phantom Racing Chassis are the first kart company to buy back old used Phantoms from people and re-sell them as Phantom certified pre-owned karts. It's the first of its kind.