Speedway Kart: Racing on the Pavement Ovals

Where is this kart being raced?

Most karts of this type are found around America. The east coast is a strong spot for the Speedway Kart. You'll find them on pavement or concrete ovals(left turn only). There are road course tracks (left and right turns) that race these as well, but they are more well known for the ovals.

What do they look like?

Speedway Kart
An Oval Kart on Pavement

They are on an offset chassis (the frame of the kart is built so it is easier to turn left) if they are racing on oval tracks. They don't have to have a body, but most of them now have bodies that wrap around to the rear tires and front "noses".


The engines can vary but a very popular engine is the 4 cycle engine made by Briggs and Stratton. The two engines they build for this type of kart are the Briggs Animal and Briggs Raptor. The animal is the newer of the two and is the more standard one now. But there are still plenty of racers using the Raptor.

Some classes you may see racing this type of kart on speedway pavement ovals:

  • Adult Classes - These are for ages 15 and up and are the most popular classes to be found, they are seperated by weight.
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Super Heavy (Driver must be over 200lbs)
  • Masters, 35 and Over, Senior - For ages 35 and over.
  • Limited, Modified, Open - No rules on modifying engines
  • Junior Classes - These are for ages 8-15. Classes depend on age. Llsted from youngest to oldest.
  • Sportsman 1 or Rookie Purple (the restrictor plate in the engines is purple) Ages 8-10
  • Sportsman 2 or Rookie Blue (plate is blue) Ages 10-12
  • Junior or Jr. Restricted Gold (plate is gold or black on Animal) Ages 12-15

This is the type of kart I primarily raced throughout my career in Kart Racing. I raced asphalt ovals, asphalt road courses and dirt ovals.